Bone-Tired in Week 7

I can’t shake the fatigue. I seriously want to go home, right now, even though it’s April 14, and go to sleep.

Sleeping has been a problem. For one thing, I’m a stomach sleeper. I know, I know, I need to get out of that habit. Not only will I soon have a big belly, but my hyper-sensitive boobs don’t appreciate being crushed. So I have trouble getting comfortable.

Then there is the peeing. I know I got up at least six times last night to pee. I’m trying really hard to limit my liquids late at night, but when I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty. And if I’m thirsty, that means Scout is thirsty … and what kind of mom would I be to deprive my own little wee one of water?

So I drink a few sips of water, and I pee all night.

The cats aren’t helping either. I love the cats. I love the fact that they share their queen-size bed and their comfy pillow with me every night. But it can be hard to get comfortable when you’re nervous that a cat’s butthole will be too close to your nostrils, and that you’ll breathe in whatever poop parasite it is that causes toxoplasmosis and birth defects.

Finally, there is the fatigue. I’m so tired I can’t sleep at night.

I don’t know how much (if anything) this has to do with the fact that I’m off the Prozac. I’ve already called my doctor today to ask if she can prescribe something for the Morning Quease. Maybe I should call her back and ask for something for insomnia, too.


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