The Arms and Legs ARE Moving

The dumb old, stupid old tech at the doctor's office said Scout's arms couldn't be moving yet, that what I was seeing was probably the heart. I begged to differ, and so did Scout's dad and Scout's Aunt Megan, who happens to be a recent expert on finding baby body parts in an ultrasound. The heart was beating, so there was already movement there, but it was obvious that the arms were moving, too. The kid looked like it was dancing up a storm.

So today I found an online pregnancy calendar and what do you think it says for today?

Day 62
8 weeks 6 days
April 30

Baby's arms and legs are moving now. This would be visible on ultrasound.

So there. I know what I saw, and I saw my kid dancing. Or swimming. Or something that required arm movement.

It was the strangest sensation to see a baby in there. And very amazing to see the heart beating and those little arms going to town.


I wonder if s/he'll dance to John Lisi & Delta Funk? Perhaps s/he'll shake the big brown bean...
Waterfall said…
That's what it was doing. Practicing the bean. Such musical talent can run in a family, you know.

Or else holding itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny Leki poles and hiking up a storm ...
Megan Monk said…
She was showing us her moves just as Ella did everytime I had an ultrasound... Scout was definately shaking those arms and legs... no doubt!

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