Piano is FUN.

Lately I've been doing a lot of noisemaking on the piano. I know. One should not bang when one plays the piano. I wouldn't say I was banging; after all, I am using good piano technique (I think). But I've been playing some LOUD stuff. LOUD GOSPEL STUFF.

It's kind of sad, how Bach and Beethoven and all the rest have been on the back burner of late. I don't know if I got burned out or what ... but I've lately decided that I just want to have fun at the piano. (This is kind of a strange though, considering how I think practicing Bach is fun. I guess I want to have a different kind of fun.)

So I've been playing playing in 9/8 time (or 3/4 time? who knows?), with lots of full V7 chords, octave runs, grace notes, and sudden, silent eighth rests. Some of it sounds horrible. Some of it sounds great. Sometimes I'll switch back into a new-agey hyper-arpeggiated style. Sometimes I'll combine the two. I just love those big chords. Would that my hands were bigger!

I'm also doing drills where I'm practicing doing certain "Gospel riffs" around the circle of fifths, in addition to doing certain jazz progressions around the circle of fifths.

I'm hving so much fun. I'm sure I'll, at some point (maybe even later today!), start craving contrapuntal stuff again, but for now ... I'm all about big gospel sounds.

I love knowing music theory. I love being able to improvise AND read music. I love the piano. If I want to practice Bach, it's fine with that. If I want to play with big chords and octave runs, it's fine with that, too. I love being able to play this stuff and have fun with it.

I'm back at work now. It sometimes feels weird to be back in the sterile, cubicular world of the office after playing my heart out on the big grand piano at the Baptist church.


Do you know of a good brand of pianos. My wife used to play the piano when she was younger, and I'd like to suprise her with one for her birthday this year.

We opened up an engine and transmission shop and have been so busy that I wanted to get her something to take her mind off work when she gets home.

You don't have to reply if your not sure, but I did want to say that I think you've got a great site. I looks like you put quite a bit of work into it.
Really, now, is there anything wrong with having fun on the piano--or anywhere else, for that matter?

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