And in the Third Month, It Rose Again ...

Sorry for the sacrilege. I am just flummoxed. I went to today to edit a post and found the my old blog--the one I had deleted entirely--was back. I don't know if this is just a glitch, or if Blogger just makes it truly impossible to kill a blog.

That's probably a good thing. I've saved my entire blog on a disk, but it's nice to know it's still there if anyone wants to read it.

You can find it at

I just discovered that Blogger also has an import/export feature. I've imported the old blog into this one. So you don't have to go to any weirdly named or numbered blogs. Just stay here and check out the archives. :)


Anonymous said…
Love the new look!

Sherry . . . I couldn't post under my google account, so I had to choose anonymous.
Crawdaddy79 said…
Okay let me be the first one (and probably the only one) to say that I don't like the new look. I see off-white margins on the left and right and the vines in the middle interfere with my reading. :(

Example pic, sized down:

If you changed your background color to match the background image color, I might be swayed. :)

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