Not a Storyteller

I’m not a storyteller. I’m a story maker-upper and a story lover, but I’m not a storyteller. Perhaps I’ll become more of one as I mature in my auntie-hood. I don’t know, though.

(OK. If Ella Bella ever says, “Auntie Nee, tell me a widdle ’tory,” I will melt and make up a story on the spot, most likely about a beautiful princess named Ella Bella who lived in a magical land of giant flowers and talking trees, and where all of her stuffed animals were real, like in The Velveteen Rabbit, and one stuffed animal (Monkey) was under the spell of an mean old aardvark and Ella Bella, with the assistance of her other stuffed animals, had to save Monkey from the aardvark’s clutches … and it would be an aardvark, of course, because aardvark’s a funny word that might make Ella Bella laugh.)

Oh, me. I’ve gotten away from myself, haven’t I.

For now, I’m not a storyteller. I’ve written bits and pieces of stories, sure. I’ve written entire drafts, sometimes multiple drafts, of 500-page novels. I’ve made up fairy tales. I’m all about writing stories.

But I never share them.

I’m the same way with piano. I practice and practice and practice (usually), but I rarely play for anyone else. My main listeners are Beau the Cat and Deborah the Piano Teacher. And me, if I’m wearing my hearing aid.

I’m going to tell a story on this blog. It’s going to be based on the truth, but I’m not going to tell the whole truth because … well, the whole truth is nobody’s business except mine, God’s, and maybe my husband’s.

Why do I want to tell this story? I think it might help people, for one thing. And it’s a story I’ve been carrying around in my head for a long time. It’s a story that wants to be written.

I don’t know if it’s a story that wants to be read. You, dear readers (do you exist?), will be the judge of that. And if it turns out to be a good story, so much the better. If it turns out to help people, that will be best of all.

It may be awhile before I post again. Then again, it may be a few hours. I’m balancing this story with several other responsibilities, so it’s hard to say when I’ll come back to it. Thanks for reading (so far).


Laura Lowe said…
You still have one loyal reader! My google reader doesn't have a "comment" link, so I'm sorry I've failed to speak up! I love the new look, and can't wait to hear the story.
Sherry said…
Your biological mother is shining through! Whenever I had the opportunity to tell a niece a bedtime story, they were all princesses. As in, Once upon a time there was a princess named Danielle. That's all I had to do, that is, once they started talking. Then the niece would come up with the storyline. "And she walked through the forest." So I would say, "and she walked through the forest, and there was a beautiful flower!" and the niece would say, "and it was a special flower" etc.. which is probably ad nauseum to your dear readers. And of course, always, always, at the end, the princess lived happily ever after. I seriously envy you!
Megan Monk said…
Ella will love any stories you tell! She already does! Love you!
jennifly5 said…
i personally think you're a wonderful story teller... and i'm glad you're still writing, lanky.

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