Waterfall: Makes Water Fall From Sky

I seem to be living up to my trail name.

See that big cloud in the Atlantic? I don't care what they call it. That cloud's name is Murphy, as my Barefoot Sister friends will attest. Murphy is my constant companion and hiking buddy. It looks like his evil sister Murphelda is close behind. And their spiteful Baby Murphs are coming up for a visit from the Caribbean.

But weather.com is using words like "slight" and "occasional" in its forecast, so I'm keeping my hopes up.

Update: I just learned that Murphelda has gone incognito and is now using the name "Tropical Storm Kyle." Murphelda, you're not fooling anyone. We know it's really you!


Laura said…
We're getting the same mess here on the Ga/SC border. Yesterday was gorgeous, though. Hope you had a chance to hike in some of that!
Jammie J. said…
Happy Anniversary... hope you're having a good weekend, hike and that you're staying dry?
Crawdaddy79 said…
Wow three blogs in a row about weather.



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