Those Nice People

I just love the people I work with. Today they gave me a "Welcome to our town" party. They got it all set up while I was off practicing my Bach like a good little tech-writer-by-day-pianist-by-lunch self.

Hi, Robert! Yes, I'm going to write to you soon. I can't tell you how many times I've started to send you an e-mail and then just got depressed and discouraged because I had no piano news to share. I'm very impressed re: the Variations, BTW. I'm still slugging away at my intermediate pieces.

I feel really, really sick over this whole Sarah Palin e-mail hacking thing. Usually elections are entertainment extravaganzas for me, but today I felt utterly sad and disappointed and depressed at how cruel we humans can be.

I'm also sick over the whole Wall Street/banking debacle. Not that I understand very much of it ... again, I just have this overwhelming sense of disappointment in ... us. In Americans. Is that cheesy? I thought so.

So it's good that those nice people at work gave me a little party. It lifted my spirits.

My friend Donna lifted my spirits, too, by saying some really nice things about me. Thanks, Donna!

I'm reading The Brothers Karamazov. I read all of Dostoevsky's other novels back when I was in grad school and was supposed to be reading literary criticism on 19th century British poetry. I couldn't help it ... I was going through a Dostoevsky phase. I saved Brothers for last since I knew it would be the best ... then life got in the way ... then stuff happened ... then years went by ... and it's now 12 or so years later and I'm finally reading that copy I bought at Cottonwood Used Books in Baton Rouge back when I was in grad school.

So ... I'm going to go read now.

Life is good. I just feel profoundly sad today. Times seem so very dark, and I feel so out of touch with everything and everyone.


Maurizio said…
Depressed and discouraged, Waterfall? Seems to me in the not distant past that's where I wuz. And you were the best cyber-VitaminPill going. Quid pro quo, good karma, the right thing to do -- I'm here to help. Lord knows I owes you...Big Time.
Sherry said…
I just finished watching the Sarah Palin interview with Hannity. They discussed the crap people are throwing at her. She said her stomach wasn't just baby fat from having Trig four weeks ago, but that most of it was thick skin. I'm seriously admiring this woman.
"Life is good." Just hold on to that thought tenaciously.

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