Last Hoo-rah

Well, development season is almost upon us. Actually, it's here. The Hubster and I are going hiking this weekend as our last hoo-rah before my I hand the next five or six months of my life over to The Company. Oh, and it's also our anniversary weekend.

So we can't decide which tent to use. We both kind of want to try out our one-man tents--his because he hasn't used it in a long time, and mine because I bought it used a couple of years ago and have yet to use it myself (though I've lent it out quite a few times).

But we can't do the one-man-tent thing for our anniversary weekend.

It'll be five years, by the way. And here's our weather forecast:

Although Hubster and I generally live in great harmony, our supernatural powers--his power of making the sun shine, and mine of making it rain--will be in a brutal struggle this weekend. According to the polls forecast, I am winning ... but a lot can happen between now and the weekend.


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