Good Morning

... and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Gwen. Of course, she probably can't see this, considering she is in Gustav-wrecked south Louisiana, but I wanted to let the world know it's her birthday anyway.

It's also September 11. Big day for looking back and remembering, and hoping for a safer future.

I haven't been online in a while, at least not in the blog sense. I have a lot to catch up on--lots of blogs to read, particularly those of my friends CTG, Jeanette, etc.--I miss y'all! I know, y'all haven't gone anywhere. At least I don't think you have. I'll visit soon.

So work has been pretty busy as we gear up for development season. I have been hit by something of a vocational curse, I suppose: I took on this job as a "day job" to support my writing habit, and as it turns out, I love my day job so much that the old writing habit had been pushed into the shadows. The commute didn't help any, of course.

So, now that I live three minutes from work (15 minutes when I walk), am I writing again?

Yes. Morning pages in the morning, and I took a stay-cation last week and wrote two chapters.

But then there's this Presidential Election Campaign Entertainment Extravaganza, and boy is it entertaining. Isn't that pathetic? Instead of writing or practicing piano, I'm switching back and forth from MSNBC to Fox on TV, or I'm skimming the political blogs online.

OK, it's partly because Hubster loves this stuff. And I love to be with Hubster, so I'll do odd things like watch football and Hannity & Colmes because he watches them. He said he likes to watch me watch Hannity & Colmes because I get so mad at that arrogant Sean Hannity. And I sit there, thinking, "I hate this show. Why am I here? Why am I not writing?"

It's a sickness. And I bet there are thousands of independent voters like myself out there who do the same thing--watch that awful show even though they hate it.

What a waste of breath.

And yes, I've gotten all swept up in the Sarah Palin thing, too. Just like everyone else. I hope McCain campaign continues to keep her off all the talk shows. I don't want to get sick of her like I got sick of Obama and Hillary All The Time. Even though I had my reservations at first (and still have a few), I think she is pretty awesome.

Oops, I said "pretty" ... is that sexist?

Seriously ... Isn't it scary these days, how Brave-New-World-like and 1984-ish everything is? You can't say anything without being accused of sexism or racism or some other ugly -ism. All the finger-pointing ... I really hate politics. But in my masochistic way, I'll probably be glued to the political news shows again tonight.

So now I've written myself into a bad mood. This is why I hate politics. (Sorry, Jan.)

On to happier things. I made a really good dinner for the Hubster last night. And met two deadlines at work. And took Thera-Flu this morning because I can't stop coughing. Apparently I am allergic to either (1) our new house, or (2) fall.

I'm hoping it's fall.

No, we haven't sold the old house yet.

It's 7:24 a.m. I'm depressed as hell. Time to get ready for work.


Maurizio said…
Stay-cation, Waterfall? Shame on you! That silly word has "gone viral". A stupid coinage when it appeared, and now an even worse cliche. You're a good writer -- no, you're an excellent writer. You can do great turns of phrase. Please don't descend into the cliche abyss. Gotta dash -- the Paganini Variations need my fingers.

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