Today is Closing ... Supposedly

I have my doubts. I think our lender is more focused on getting everything done at lightning speed than in providing quality service to the buyer (me), who is getting ready to part with a large sum of money this afternon.

I have never felt so out of the loop in my life. It seems the realtor, the lender, and the attorney all know what's going on. But nobody tells me anything.

I worked in a mortgage loan department at a bank for several months before I started writing my hiking guide. That was back in the days when interest rates were around 4% and people were buying and refinancing like crazy. I know what a madhouse it can be, getting all those loans taken care of, getting all the paperwork ready in time. Even then, I felt sorry for the poor buyers.

OK, I'll stop stressing now. I need to get to work anyway.

Update: Closing has been postponed an hour. Not all the paperwork is in.

I hate being stressed. Stress is no fun. If people would do their jobs right, fewer people in this world would be stressed.

Update #2: The lender screwed up. No closing today. Maybe no closing tomorrow. "Maybe by the end of the week."

Only one time in my life, before today, had I ever been so mad that I could feel my hair standing on end. I had to come home from work--that's an hour drive--to get some documents ... that it turned out we didn't need.

So here I am at home. Ho-hum. I really don't feel like driving A WHOLE HOUR back to work, since I've already been on the road for TWO HOURS today.

Will we close this week? I sure hope so. The carpet-cleaner company is supposed to show up Wednesday, and the movers are showing up first thing Friday morning.

So frustrating.

Update #3: So, the lender got confirmation from the VA that they've received the documents we sent (yes, the ones I didn't need to drive home to get). Said lender is going to call me ASAP once the VA calls to tell them they've processed everything. That will take 24 to 48 hours, "but we'll try to get it done today." Since it's 5:16 p.m. and I haven't heard any more from the lender, I'm assuming it will be done within the next 20-44 hours.

What a waste of my time, effort, and gasoline today has been. So let's focus on the good things that happened today.

1. More time at home = more quality time with the cats
2. Editing at Panacea is much nicer than editing in my cubicle
3. Lender's fees: WAIVED!


Mary Couey said…
I'm sorry Nina! I am really really hoping that you get to close this week. I'm crossing my fingers. Phooey on that lender.
Jammie J. said…
GAH! I feel your pain! I remember my hour long commute days and how frustrating it was, especially if you needed something at home because of someone else's idiocy.

Hold onto hope, there are still four more days left this week. Plus you DID get to see your kitties.


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