This Doesn't Look Good


Anonymous said…
It will have to move a LOT faster if it's to hit New Orleans on the anniversary of Katrina, which is tomorrow.

What I hate most about hurricane predictions is that they are almost always wrong. This thing is more likely to turn around, go south or east or west, and die out than to hit Louisiana, or anywhere else on the Gulf Coast for that matter. How can anyone possibly predict a hurricane's path FOUR days in advance??? And besides, it's not even a hurricane yet!!!!

So don't worry about your mom and dad, hon.

Jammie J. said…
Along the lines of what Sherry said, hurricanes can change or peter out.

I know you're gonna worry, it's what us types of people do, but just remember to turn to God ... he's the one who has got this in his hands.
Joan said…
Earlier kickoff at Baton Rouge caused my guys to cancel their trip. I hope the best for everyone down there.

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