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I guess I am officially on stay-cation. Or maybe that won't happen until midnight Monday night.

Of course, Gustav is headed straight for my hometown in Louisiana, so it's kind of a strange feeling to think of being on vacation when so many of my friends and family are facing the threat of disaster. Everyone remembers Katrina, but the big hurricane in my memory is Andrew, who tore through Baton Rouge back in 1992. It was no picnic, being without electricity and water for I-don't-remember-how-long. I just hope and pray Mr. Hugh can take care of himself--my mom is in North Carolina and Mr. Hugh is in Louisiana, and my mom is the big contingency-planner of the two.

Speaking of prayers ... I have always thought it so odd that we pray that God will make the food nourish our bodies, particularly when we're about to eat pizza, or, like last night at the Old Time Mountain Music Jam, potato chips and cake and pie and brownies. Seems a more apt prayer would be, "Thank you, Lord, for these yummy foods, and for miraculous bodies that can digest this crap for years before it kills us."

Did I just write "crap" in my blog post? In the context of a prayer? Oops!

Did anyone see the LSU game yesterday? I saw it in bits and pieces. We were in the man cave (yes, our house has a man cave), and the Hubster was in charge of the clicker (as all Hubsters are), and his beloved Ohio Buckeyes were playing at the same time. So I watched back-and-forth clicking between games for a while, then, as both of our teams were stomping their opponents, and since I'm not all that interested in football anyway, I decided to go for a 4-mile run. So I did.

Remember George? Poor, neglected George? Deborah and I counted the other day, and I've had eight piano lessons since January, and the majority of those have been "practice lessons," where I practice and she does stuff around the house and gives me suggestions here and there. "Practice lessons" are what we have when I haven't practiced enough at home. So it's been a horrible year for piano, it has.

Now that I'm on stay-cation, I'm going to do some practicing. I groan inwardly at picking up on the same old things I started playing back in the spring ... even though I haven't practiced them much, I still have that feeling of being in a rut, since they are not difficult pieces and I never expected to still be working on them five and six months later. Oh well, such is life when piano is just one of a million things fighting for your attention.

I've been reading a good bit. I read Gone with the Wind for the first time. Just finished it the other day. Now I suppose I'll watch the movie, which I've never seen in its entirety. I enjoyed the book, though I was pretty ready for it to end once Scarlett married Rhett. It wasn't as interesting after that.

Anyway, I have now become a little more culturally literate than I was previously. Congratulations to me.

I read somewhere that no one reads long blog posts. I also read that no one reads blogs that aren't updated regularly. So I'm assuming no one is going to read this, except for my usual four readers. (Hello, four faithful readers! You know who you are! Two of you are in California, and two are in North Carolina, and ... oh, I guess I have more than I thought, if Donna and Mrs. Shirley are still reading it ...)

(Update: OK, so I have more than four readers. There's one in Florida and one more in North Carolina. And one in Georgia. (A least, I think she's in Georgia.) That makes seven, count 'em, SEVEN readers. Who knew?)

(Update: And I have a reader in Chicago! I feel so ... so popular!)

Have a lovely Labor Day weekend, everyone.


Jammie J. said…
I'm still naively hoping that Gustav will just whimper out and not bother anyone. Yeah. (sigh)

I hope you get to spend some time with George, and good on you for going for a run. And for getting some cultural literacy into you. And crap. HA!

Then you got me at the end, with the long blog post thing. I was all, "Yes I do read long posts!" And then, yeah, I'm one of those faithfuls. hehehe

Happy Sunday. xo
Laura said…
I'm reading, too, even though I dropped my music blog and just kept the one my mother reads.
Laughing out loud at your prayer!
eArThworm said…
You chose to ignore your ever-so-faithful Florida reader!
The one who's praying (without any crap) that Mr. Hugh and all around him will be safe.
Christy Howell said…
Hi Nina!
You have one in Chicago, too!
I love the prayer - and it's so true... my husband and I always as for the blessings of nourishment, the salt the "crap" out of our food!

Enjoy your stay-cation! I love it!
Take care!
Ben Clapton said…
I'll beat them all. I've been reading (through your RSS feed, on Google Reader) all the way from Perth, Australia. Hope you feel very popular :)
Andye said…
And you've got this DC reader, of course. Hopefully your dad and everybody ends up ok down home. My parents have lots of supplies and the generator fueled up, and we're hoping the wind and rain isn't too bad. My mom thinks it's a really bad sign that Katie Couric is in Baton Rouge, but I think it's good. Surely they wouldn't send such a valuable tv property somewhere dangerous....
Joan said…
I did a staycation the end of July. It was productive but I wish I had gotten even more done. take care
DebMc said…
You have an occasional reader in Texas, too.

You are going to make me snicker during the prayer at the next church picnic or potluck. Shame on you. (wink,wink)

I love stay-cations. We did one in June and will do another this weekend.

I hope yours is refreshing!

DebMc aka Happy from WTM
Jonathan said…
Hey you have a reader in Virginia too.

Not as frequent of one as he could be though. :(
Linda said…
Don't forget about me!

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