Packing for the Big Week Ahead

For the four of you who still read this blog, I have big news: We close on the house this week! We move this weekend! (We still haven't sold the old house yet ... it'll happen. Someday.)

We've been packing all weekend. We still have a lot of work to do, but the majority of the packing is done. I can't believe how many boxes it's taken.

I'll be so glad when we're moved in. My life has been on hold for too long. I've been away from piano, writing, my e-friends, reading, and baking for months and months and months. I've barely even written in my journal--and when I do, I'm generally fantasizing about being able to step outside my door and go on a four-mile run, after writing for two hours and before going to work.

I will practice George in the evenings, after dinner, which I will have cooked because I'll have had time. I still plan to spend my lunch hours during the weekdays practicing on Xan the Grand. I haven't been there in weeks, thanks to a new scheduling issue that will disappear once I live in Work Village.

See? I've started fantasizing again.

I need to quit fantasizing. I need to get back to packing. The boxes are waiting for me.

Dan had to go to work today. So I guess that leaves Beau to help me pack. As much as he loves testing out the boxes, I'm afraid Beau won't be much help today.


Jammie J. said…
Packing is one of those things you never forget, but always forget how many boxes you need. Best advice ever... get more boxes than you think you'll ever need and then get some more.

If I were you, I'd be feeling a bit of Beau envy. : )
Waterfall said…
jammie j: Yes, I am rather envious of the little fella. He was in the same exact spot when I left for work this morning. I guess he's working hard at night, seeing as he so tired during the day ...

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