Hello, friends! It's so nice to check in with my four readers every now and then. Here's what's going on in my blissfully boring life:

1. I love my new house. I love the fact that I'm a stone's throw from work. I love having a screened-in porch. I love having central air. I feel so spoiled with my central air. It's so nice to live in a house where the humidity is never, ever more than 80%.

2. George is getting tuned today! Don't tell the Hubster. We are broke (two house payments will do that to you), but I have some cash on hand and it's enough to pay the piano tuner.

3. Beau the Cat was outside all night. I called him and called him and called him last night and tried to entice him by shaking the Whisker Lickins jar, but he wouldn't come in. Then he was waiting by the door this morning. When I let him in, he ran to his food bowl and made a pig of himself. Didn't even say, "Thank you, Mommy, for letting me in." Didn't even say "Meow." Kids today.

4. I've been running, but not a lot. I've been very tired lately. I guess all the emotional stress of closing on the house, then moving, took its toll.

5. Life is good. We don't have TV or Internet yet, so I'm missing the Olympics and the news, but life is still good. Hub and I have a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard (OK, the bed). And a very happy piano who is going to be tuned today. It doesn't get much better than this.


Gannet Girl said…
Welcome to your new home!
Linda said…
Waterfall, congratulations. I'm so happy to read this!
Jammie J. said…
Congratulations. Take it one day at a time, not more. You'll get there. Remember, also, that feeling a bit unsettled is normal ... I know, you know that. Sometimes it's good to read it again.

I came here looking for an update...


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