What a Strange Day

Today I was supposed to go to two meetings at work. I woke up with a, er, stomach bug of some kind and found I couldn't let myself be too far from a bathroom for too long. No hour-long commute for me! Plus, I was very dehydrated (it didn't help that I cried myself to sleep because I thought Little Hideaway was going to die) and felt awful.

So I commenced to do work-related work at home.

Then the piano movers showed up.

Oh, yeah. The piano movers.

In a flash (well, not quite), I was ready to go. I couldn't find my cell phone or my keys or my water bottle, then I found them, then I misplaced them again. Then I couldn't find the checkbook. Then I found it. Finally, I was in the car and the piano guys were ready to follow me from my house to the new house.

Only the city picked today to patch up the road that our little side street turns onto.

So we had to sit there for ten minutes, the piano movers and I, and wait for the road patchers to move.

They moved. Finally. And I led the piano movers, without further incident, to the new house.

(I say "without further incident ... but there were several very scary moments, gastrointestinally speaking, on the trip.)

We got to the new house, where we dropped off George. I headed home. No incidents. Went to the coffee shop so I could think. Worked on work-related stuff for about four hours. Got some good work done, even though it was peppered with rush-to-the-bathroom incidents, and even though I still felt exhausted from dehydration.

Then I came home and did some more work-related work. And played that stupid WordTwist game on Facebook.For a long time. What an addictive game.

So here I am. I'm still not 100% and I still feel bad (particularly since one can't run with the runs, so I didn't get to exercise at all).

I hope tomorrow will be better. Even though I doubt they'll give me credit for the work-related work I did at home. I guess it won't hurt to ask.

Actually, I guess today wasn't that strange of a day. I just felt really strange all day. All in all, it was really kind of a boring, ho-hum day. And to think it will be recorded forever and ever on this blog. Amazing.


Jammie J. said…
I hope you're feeling better by now, poor thing. I also hope that Hideway is doing better? It's so sad when our pets get sick. :(


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