I didn't mean to work a 4-day week of 10 hours each day, but it turned out that way. If I was to go to work tomorrow, I would definitely stay busy for another 10 hours ... but the Friends of the Library Used Book Sale is going on tomorrow and Saturday. Why on earth would I want to go to work when I could go to the book sale and spend my hard-earned dollars on obscure grammar and composition textbooks from the 1950s?

(Yes, Sherry, you really did birth a nerd.)

I don't have much to write about at the moment. Right now the most exciting thing in my life is that we developed a new template in FrameMaker that is going to make the primary user manual much easier to read and navigate than previous manuals.

Can you feel the excitement? This is serious jumping-up-and-down excitement for me. Oh, baby.

Yup. If I'm this wound up today, I'll probably find tomorrow's grammar-book excursion unmanageable.

Oh, it's gonna be fun.


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