Thursday Morning

It's a quiet morning here at the Hubster-Waterfall household. Hubster isn't even snoring. I've been up for a while, writing. I'm tired. Work has been stressful this week--lots of little hydra-like tasks: you think you've slain them, then you get an e-mail to learn that they've grown two more hissing heads.

I'm not certain, but I think my Busy Season has already begun at work--and "Development Season" doesn't officially start until the fall. I worked till 7:00 last night.

We move in three weeks. Hub and I have barely begun packing. We have a few boxes here and there, and I've come up with a workable method of marking them so they'll end up in the right rooms in the new house.

I haven't touched a piano in two weeks. I am really missing piano. There is just too much other stuff going on right now. It's hard to get away from work when there are so many little things to do (and a couple of huge projects waiting impatiently for your attention). I hate to walk away from my desk because it will break my concentration, then it will take a good 10-15 minutes or longer to get my concentration and focus back once I sit down again.

Not a lot going on, other than busy-ness at work and the upcoming move. I just wanted to check in, since I haven't blogged in forever.


Piano is now just "piano" and not "George"? You MUST be tired!
Maurizio said…
Looking forward to the reappearance of "George".

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