This Will Be Where Hub and I Eat

The dining room isn't very roomy (it looks a lot roomier in this picture ... and the table in there is smaller than ours), but ... hey! It's a dining room! I've never had my own dining room before! And it's an absolutely beautiful room, to boot!

Our current house has a "great room," which I don't think is so great. Basically the upstairs is a great big room that holds a kitchen, an eating spot, and a living room. No walls. No nooks. No crannies.

I think I can probably get used to having a dining room.


Bookkeeper said…
Yeah, I think you'll like having a "real" dining room. I used to have one of those! Of course my table was too big for it, so it was more of a "dining table room" (you remember that!) than a dining room. I'm so glad y'all have found such a wonderful house and that your excellent husband is so good at crunching numbers! He should be a CPA like your dad after he retires from Boy Scouts . . .
Linda said…
OH MY GOD!!! What has been going on over here? I was sitting here in a sweat as I read your last posts, worried that you weren't going to go ahead with this.

Congratulations. Guess what. You can have lots of fun with a "contemporary" home. The walls don't have to be beige. They can be white! (Just kidding--I love white, but that green sure looks great in your new dining room). You can walk to work??!!

That bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!

We bought a rickety shack with "magical nooks and crannies"--forget it. We found all kinds of interesting things in those nooks and crannies: old food, dead cats ... Never, never again.

I'm so excited for you I can't stand it.

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