This Will Be Our Bathroom

Yes. We did it. We made an offer and signed a bunch of papers full of legal gobbledy-gook. If they accept our offer (and there's no reason they wouldn't ... unless someone else is making an offer right now as I type, which is, I guess, a possibility) and if the loan goes through (and there's no reason it shouldn't), we'll close on August 20.

This will be our luxurious new bathroom.

Note that the tub is a veritable swimming pool. I think it might even be big enough for two people a cat and a human to be in there at once.

Beau the Cat will be so excited! He's already fascinated with the concept of bathtubs. Just wait until I turn on the jets in this baby for him ...


eArThworm said…
Congratulations, Ms. Stepford :-)
Waterfall said…
eArThworm: That's Mrs. Stepford. No self-respecting Stepford wife would leave out the "r"!

I guess I'll need to let a bunch of smelly hikers camp out in our basement before I'll be able to shed that image, huh.

(Come visit anytime ... after we've moved in!)
Waterfall said…
P.S. LOL ... not that you're a smelly hiker or anything!

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