Some Pictures from the Weekend

I spent this weekend in Lexington with Sherry. On Friday night, much to my delight, Simon(e) the cat snuggled up to me and purred and let me pet him. This was a first. Here is Simon(e), posing for Sherry's new camera:

On Saturday, Sherry and I picked up Rebecca from her group home and went to the N.C. Zoo in Asheboro.

Here's Wilhelm the Polar Bear, sleeping in the hot sun:

Here's a comfortable-looking meerkat:

Here's an elephant (or, as my sister Mu would say, an elewie):

Here's a gator that Sherry swore was fake ... until it moved.

Here are a couple of uncaged humans sitting on a rock:

One of the humans is a subspecies of Homo sapiens, known as caffeinus addictus.

All in all, a very fun weekend.


Joan said…
My cat does the meerkat lookout pose. Looks like you had fun. I haven't been to the zoo this year.

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