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I'm sitting at the Christian Coffee Shop (not the actual name of it) and a teenage boy just walked in wearing a Jesus t-shirt and pants hanging halfway down his hips. It's quite clear that his underwear is identical to my husband's. Maybe I should tell him that.

I decided to take today off, seeing as I managed to put in nearly 40 hours between Monday and Thursday and have been working much harder than I should during the company's "slow" season. I was looking forward to a morning at the book sale, then a few hours at my favorite coffee shop, where I would write in my journal and work on my novel.

Well, Hideaway ended up needing to go to the vet this morning. The hematoma in her poor ear came back and had gotten infected. Hubster was supposed to take her to the vet several days ago, but he couldn't find her when it was time. So her appointment got postponed ... and when they said they could take her Friday morning, I thought, "What the heck. I'll be home anyway, since I'm taking the day off."

So I took her to the vet and the vet looked very concerned and said she would need a new tube in her ear and would I mind leaving her there over the weekend so they can monitor her? Sure. He looked into her ear with a flashlight thingy and said, "Ew. It's pretty nasty in there."

It must be bad if it makes a doctor of veterinary medicine say "Ew."

Poor Hideaway looks so miserable. After I left her at the vet (she gave me that heartbreaking "you-traitor" look as they took her away), I sat in my car and cried.

But all was not lost. I made it to the used book sale by 10:30. I only bought about nine books this year (that's about 1/3 of what I usually buy). Then I went to my coffee shop for a much-anticipated three or four hours of writing.

I had just settled in, just started writing, when I got a call from the Keller-Williams Centralized Showing Service. Someone wanted to come look at our house between 12:15 and 1:30. Was the house ready to show?

"Um ... no. What time is it now?"

"It's 12:11, ma'am."

"Can you change the time to between 1 and 2? I need to run home and straighten up."

"OK, ma'am."

So I dumped my half-full cup of coffee, packed up my writing materials, and flew out the door to my car. Ten minutes, later, when I was almost home, I got another call from Keller-Williams Centralized Showing Service.

"The buyers drove by the house and it didn't have enough privacy, so the realtor has cancelled the showing."

I was very frustrated. I'm starting to feel a sense of desperation these days: I need quiet time. I need to have a few days where I don't go to work, where I don't worry about buying or selling a house, where I don't have to spend half the day in my car, driving. I'm not likely to get much quiet time this weekend. Or next weekend--the big packing weekend. Then we move the following weekend. Before I know it, we'll be knocking on the door of development season at work, when things really get busy.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I'm thankful for now. I'm sitting in the coffee shop, blogging, and getting ready to work on the novel. I don't know how productive I'll be (afternoon isn't my best time of day for thinking), but at least I'll be more productive than if I were at work.

Two more weeks. I am ready to have my old life back--the one that allowed a few minutes here and there for writing and piano. I love my job, but I don't love how so much of my life has been put on hold for the past year because of it.

OK, enough of my doldrums. Time for me to get to work.


Anonymous said…
I hate realtors. They are mostly ****** (another word for ladies of the evening), sorry to say. It will be sooo much better when you move into your new house!


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