I Resemble These Remarks

From "Long Distance Commuters' Road to Nowhere" on msnbc.com:

(My comments in italics.)

"For Dollie Kinkead, the economic turmoil gripping the country translates into an 80-mile drive each work day from a house she can't sell to a job she thinks she's lucky to have."


" ... each work day, Kinkead, 53, leaves the house at 5:50 a.m. and doesn’t return until 7 p.m. Luckily, she drives a diesel-powered Volkswagen Beetle that gets 48 miles per gallon, meaning her gas bill is about $100 per week. She also works nine-hour shifts, giving her one day off every two weeks."

Yup. I do the nine-hour shift thing, too. And carpool.

"When she gets home, Kinkead says there’s usually time to eat dinner with her husband and little else. But she doesn’t see any other option."

Dinner? With the husband? Oh, that would be so nice!

"[Another family] had bought the[ir] house in 2001, for $129,900, with the intention of fixing it up and selling it for a profit. But in 2005, when they put the house on the market, interest was tepid at best.

"The couple decided to put more money into improving the house, in the hopes that it would stand out among comparable homes in the area. In the end, they plowed some $15,000 and countless hours of sweat equity into the improvements, using credit cards and a loan against a 401(k) account to fund some upgrades.

"Still, the house didn’t sell, even when they dropped the price from $126,000 to $122,000. In the meantime, gas prices skyrocketed, which added to their own expenses and made their rural home even less attractive.


"The couple is looking at renting out their house, even though they likely won’t get enough to cover their monthly payments."


All that sounds so familiar ... and painfully so. These poor folks had to resort to foreclosure. I hope that doesn't happen to us.

I am so ready to move ... and sell our house ... someday!


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