Hubster is Crunching Numbers

Hubster is crunching numbers as I type this. Can you hear it? (Crunch ... crunch ... crunch ...)

I had given up on selling our house. Hub, fresh from the trail and not burned out on staging and house-hunting (as I was), was all gung-ho to look at houses. So I relented ... and recited. Yes, I have the housing market in Work Village memorized. I can see a listing and tell you what the original price was and how long ago it was reduced. I think I've become a house staging expert as well.

Anyway, we looked at houses. I fell in love with (yet) another old farmhouse. We called the realtor. We went to see it. Realtor can't find the key ... calls the listing agent ... and ... closing is in 10 days. That's three houses I've lost now. Four if you include the Old Farmhouse #1 that Hubster didn't want.

Today we went down to Work Village and looked at more houses, including the first house we lost--it's still on the market. The price has increased significantly due to some upgrades, but the sellers have said they will honor the price we were going to pay when we signed the contract before. So we would get to have a "luxury-living" house for some $20K less than any other buyers. I guess that is a bargain, in a way.

So we're thinking about it. And crunching the numbers. We'll see what happens.


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