Happy Birthday to A Sort of Notebook!

This is Post #1830, and I'm celebrating the birthday of this blog!

I started A Sort of Notebook four years ago today. I got sick of it about two years ago, but, like a bad habit, it's something I just can't give up. So I'll keep writing.

To celebrate, I'll share with you some of the blogs I've been reading since the days when I first started blogging.

Jeanette's Journey: Jeanette was one of my first blogging friends. I met her through Marla Swoffer's now-defunct Proverbial Wife blog. (Sorry, Jeanette's is a private blog. Even if I provided a link, you wouldn't be able to get in. I can read it only because I'm very, very special. :) )

Musical Perceptions: This is the blog of a music prof. Remember when I used to write about music all the time? Those days may return once I'm moved and have more time for George. But I used to have a lot more music blogs in my blogroll. This is one of the ones that has stayed there.

Outer Life: The Outer Life writer doesn't post much anymore, but the wait is always worth it. I love this guy.

PY: Another one of my first blogging friends, PY is a double bassist from Singapore.

Semicolon: This blog goes into the "Blog Titles I Wish I Had Thought of First" category. And it's everything you would expect of a blog that is named after my favorite punctuation mark.

Terminal Degree: I'm not sure, but I think I read this blog back in 2004. The site says it started in 2005 ... but I think her previous site reached back to '04. Either way ... I have followed Dr. Degree, whose real name I don't even know, over the years from grad student to frustrated adjunct prof to accomplished assistant prof. And she got married last weekend. Isn't that nice?

Enough of blogging. Time to punch in and get to work.


Anonymous said…
I liked it when you used to blog about music. Before the running days :-)

a friend
Terminal Degree said…
Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

Yes, I started blogging back in '04. Hard to believe it was that long ago.

Glad George is settled in his new home.
Jammie J. said…
Good grief. I can't believe we've all been around this long!

I can't believe I still have readers who are willing to plug in a password when they come to visit. My People ♥ me so much. :)

Just as I ♥ you! :)

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