For Font Lovers

Here's a video of what a Font Conference might be like ... if fonts were people.

It was posted onto a tech writing listserv that I belong to. Someone commented that Comic Sans wasn't their hero. I commented that, if Comic Sans were a true hero, he would rescue poor Helvetica, whom the Arial family has probably beaten to a pulp and hidden in some dank basement somewhere.

Arial has been posing as Helvetica for years. (Think Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.) It's almost impossible to tell the difference ... though I'm proud to say I scored a 9 out of 10 on this quiz.

Then I played a mindless game where you can make Helvetica stomp Arial. Clearly it's a fantasy game.

Oh, this is fun. You can read this article by Mark Simonson to learn more about how these two fonts differ.

I'm a CG Omega fan myself, at least when it comes to workhorse sans-serif fonts.

Do you remember the early days of word-processing, when Courier was the "it" font? I thought Courier was the coolest thing in the world. Did you?


Anonymous said…
I waited a day to see if anyone would comment, and nobody did. My dear, you are truly a nerd! (But a very loveable one!)


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