Would You Get a Luxury Home?

The first home we made an offer on--then lost--is back on the market. It's undergone some improvements since we lost it, and the price has gone up significantly. It's being touted as a "luxury home." I don't know about that ... I think of "luxury homes" as McMansions priced over $700K ... but it is a nice house, definitely the nicest one we looked at. And they will accept our original offer if we're still interested.

Of course, our house has to sell before we can make any offers on anything. But I'm wondering ... would you buy a "luxury home" if you could get it for a really good price? Or would you buy something smaller, cheaper, and not nearly so nice (but with infinitely more charm)?

I wish I loved this luxury home the way I loved the rickety old farmhouse I lost, the cute little white house I lost, and the charming little 50's house I have my eye on.

Modern houses with their huge rooms, their granite countertops, and their stainless steel appliances may be nice, but they're not charming. No self-respecting magical creatures would ever dream of living there. Certainly there would be no secret hallways or doorways to nowhere. What is the appeal of all these big, boxlike "luxury homes" anyway?


Jammie J. said…
When I was searching for homes a couple years ago, I looked at some of those modern homes. I dunno, I just couldn't see myself living in them. They were so... sterile. My houses have to have character. :)
Laura said…
If your heart's not in it, don't settle. The right one will turn up. I'm sending you house-selling vibes! We accepted an offer on our former home yesterday after more than 7 months on the market. We didn't get as much as we wanted for it, but we're happy to be done with it.
Terminal Degree said…
I think the appeal is that they are...big. But then you have to buy furniture and other stuff to fill them. And then you "need" a bigger house again. :)

(That said, I wouldn't mind a slightly larger home right about now...)
Right now I'd have to say "yup, no problem". Unfortunately, I live in San Francisco, which means McMansions are very hard to come by, and start somewhere north of $2mil.


While you could describe them as "sterile", I think you could also say they're "clean". They have new walls that don't have 30 coats of paint--the first 20 being lead-based, they have modern conveniences, etc etc.

But I see where you're coming from. I can see the appeal and the charm of an older place with more character, but I'd trade that all in for windows that work right and basements that aren't creepy.

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