Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welcome Home

The Hubster is home. He flew in to Charlotte last Sunday.

I just about knocked him over when I saw him at the airport. I hugged him so hard I probably bruised him a little bit.

Do I look happy?

Yep. I'm happy. I missed him something awful.


  1. Man. That is one heck of a beard. That's the kind of thing some men only dream of.

  2. What a strange color pattern for a beard... Definitely something to be admired and cherished...

    Looks like it can do magic.

  3. Stacey: It's the kind of thing certain hiker-loving women dream of, too. :)

    Stacey's favorite cousin: Yeah, and if had hadn't shaved it off (grr), he could have eventually braided it into two braids ... I don't know if that would look cool or not, but it would at least look interesting.

  4. Hi Nina & Dan.. Hey.. maybe we could market that facial hair to Bald Men like me!! Unbelievable! Great to have you back Man... I'd like to see some photos!

    Bald Head the Realtor