I Guess I'm Made of Money (A Whining Post)

What a frustrating week. My cell phone died, so I bought a new cell phone. Not a bill I'd expected, but I make decent money and the Hubster is back and on payroll, so it wasn't a huge deal.

Of course, that came one week after my iPod died and I frivolously bought myself another one (I had to dust off the credit card after I found it).

And that, of course, came one week after Hubster's car died. Since he came back so unexpectedly and so soon, he had to buy a new car much unexpectly sooner than anticipated.

Then today, I went to the tire place because my tires were mysteriously wearing thin. I walked out three hours later and $400 poorer. You guessed it. My tires were dead. So was a headlight. The "Check Engine" light is on, too. We just want this car to last until 2009.

And I was really looking forward to replacing my worn-out pair of running shoes soon. And buying some sandals so I don't have to spend these hot days in socks and retired running shoes. Now I'll have to wait a couple more paychecks.

I don't know what I owe on the credit card. I do know that it had been paid off for over a year as of May 15 or so. Not anymore. Ever since my debit card died (in the dryer) and the bank mistakenly re-issued me an ATM-only card (and since my bank doesn't have a branch in Work Village), that "just-for-emergencies" Visa card has gotten a lot of use.

And don't even let me start on the house ... I've pretty much accepted that it will never sell. (That way if it does, I'll be pleasantly surprised.)

And why does the nice, body-fat-reading scale that I bought (before all these huge bills came up) keep telling me that I have 38% body fat? I think that makes me morbidly obese, or close to it. I think that scale was a serious waste of money.

I did buy a nice pair of Ann Taylor jeans last weekend. I buy one pair of jeans roughly every two years. So, for 2008, I decided to buy a nice pair of Ann Taylor jeans--originally $58, but on sale for $29.99. They looked quite nice on me in the dressing room. When I put them on Wednesday morning to wear to work, I sat down at the computer at home, and Hubster said something about me sporting the "plumber look" ... so I wore my 4-year-old pair with the underwear peep-hole in the back, since my threadbare 2-year-old pair was in the washing machine.

There's nothing worse than a morbidly obese woman in size-4 jeans sporting the "plumber look." Heh.

I'm so tired. Hubster's back at work and, once again, I'm sitting at home until 9:00 each night, waiting for him to come home. I was hoping we'd be able to spend some time together before he started back to work.

He shaved off every last bit of facial hair yesterday morning. And got a haircut. He looks nothing like that picture I posted a few days ago.

OK, enough whining for the week. Hubster will be home soon, and I'll treasure every last minute I have with him.


Sherry said…
Dare I succeed at commenting on your post? I shall try, even though I have not been able to read or speak on your comments for weeks now. You are the most compatible married couple I have ever known in my life! I'm glad Hubster will be home with you soon, and I'm glad that if he was able to do the whole trek that he planned, that you were behind him all the way. Now let's see if I can post this comment . . .
Joan said…
I just finished writing a post on finances. Yuck. Though you might not see him much, at least your husband is home.
Anonymous said…
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Linda said…

Why did those 3 words jump out to taunt me? Listen, if you wear size 4 jeans, it doesn't matter how old or new or what brand or color they are.

I've never seen a size 4.

Am I making myself clear??? If you're a size 4, it doesn't matter what shape your finances are in.

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