Almost a Pet Peeve

Several times a month, someone or other tells me how they "could do my job" simply because they hate to read poor grammar or find a misspelled word, and they love to weed out punctuation infractions. (I actually think they probably love to read poor grammar and find misspelled words because then it makes them feel somehow superior.)

I blow it off, since they generally don't know what they're talking about.

Still, three people have told me this in the past week--that they love to fix people's grammar spelling, and punctuation, so they would be really good at doing my job.

It's kind of annoying. It's not like this company pulled me off the street and hired me because I can spell "misspell" and know when to use a semicolon.

It's been a long week.


Jammie J. said…
That is seriously annoying.
I'll bet it's those same people who would misspell my name and not even realize it. Pfft.
People tell me that they love kids, so they would be really good at doing my job. They forget that my kids have autism and like to scream at sudden noises, bite others for no apparent reason, and play in the toilet water rather than actually go to the bathroom. It's very simple to say you can do something well when you have no freaking idea what the job actually entails.
Patty said…
I would never every say that to you. I promise. And IF I wrote it to you I'd probably make some sort of punctuation or spelling error so I'll nix that idea too. ;-)

Funny thing is that whenever I've found someone else's humorous blogging typo and decide to blog about it I end up making a mistake on my own blog. Go figure.

I get this in my profession too. I try to ignore it, but it's not easy. The realtor who nearly had a fit -- she really was ticked off! -- when she heard I got paid for playing an instrument and said, "I played clarinet in high school. I should join your symphony," nearly got punched out. But I restrained myself.
Linda said…
Where are these people coming from? I don't get it.

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