Saturday Night: All Right For Writing

I'm writing tonight. But first, I'll blog about writing. Blogging is a most excellent tool for procrastination.

Life has been really surreal (surreally real?) since The Hubster left for his hike. For one thing, I seem to have become a walking embodiment of Murphy's Law. For another, I have been either commuting/working or working on the house ... and nothing else. Oh, except running. I've definitely been getting my miles in. The daily workout has been a true respite from work-related and house-related stress.

I haven't played piano or written anything. Haven't even journaled, other than for a few half-hearted, half-page tries here and there. I've been unbelievably busy at work (which is a good thing, I think) and haven't been over to the church to practice piano in over a month.

So, I haven't really been my "normal self" for almost two months now. The good news: my heart rate and blood pressure are both just moseying slowly and comfortably along, so the chronic stress hasn't had any measurable effect on my physical health. The mental health is pretty good, too, come to think of it. More good news: I really love my job. My one-year anniversary of working at this company is next week, and I've only worked for one other company where, after a year of employment, I still looked forward to going to work every day.

I have the opportunity to edit another book this summer, and I'm going to be looking at some sample chapters, a synopsis, and the proposal tonight. I've read through all of them several times, but I haven't had a chance to really buckle down and focus on them. So I'm going to do that now.

Life is good.


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