Saturday, May 17, 2008

Post-holey Moly!

I got so tired of looking at the eyesore that passes for a fence in front of my house.

OK, so the whole thing is an eyesore, but the worst part is the non-fence from when the pizza delivery guy hit it five years ago and nearly drove into our kitchen. See the non-fence there, at the far-right of the picture?

So I pulled some old fence parts from our front yard (hidden in trees so no one could see them anyway) and brought them up to the eyesore. And then I went and bought a posthole digger. And then I Googled "how to use a posthole digger" and ended up here.

Once my introductory postholing class was over, I went outside and got to work.

And I dug my first posthole. Ever.

Then I dug a second posthole ever and went to put the horizontal fence parts in ... and my second posthole was just a wee bit too close to the first one. So I had to fill it all in with the dirt and dig my third posthole. Ever.

And then I had to connect them. This is very difficult to do with rotted fence parts, but I managed.

I'm not blind ... I am well aware that it's still an eyesore. We still have a bit of non-fence there. But hopefully it's a tiny bit less of an eyesore than it was before. And at least it might deter pizza guys from plowing into our kitchen after dark.


Sherry said...

Great minds think alike! It's been a busy day for both of us!

DebMc said...

Congrats on your PHD (post hole digger) It feels great to tackle something that's been bothering you, doesn't it? Have fun!

Crawdaddy79 said...

It's rustic, not an eyesore.


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