My Garden, and Some Before & After Pics

Well, I'm not out of Eyesore Territory yet, but I'm getting there. The area alongside the driveway is definitely coming along. Here's a "before" picture from last month:

As you can see, we had a woodpile with an unsightly blue tarp covering it ... or sort of covering it. Here's another view, just so you can get the full impression of its ugliness:

(You would think the beautiful mountains in the background would outweigh the ugliness of the junky-looking woodpile. You would think.)

I gave away all the wood to Johnny the Carpet Guy, and that left me with a big, empty space. So yesterday I dug out the remnants of the evil vine that was living there, and laid out some compost. You can see it in the photo from yesterday's post.

Today, I planted stuff. It was really kind of a pain because, beneath that pretty soil is all the gravel that's supposed to be covering my driveway. Why is it all over there? No idea. I guess the area was originally supposed to be driveway, but nobody ever parked that close to the fence, so the stones are still there.

Were still there. My aching back can attest to that. But, without further ado, here are some pictures of the new garden:

The area to the left of the garden is still an eyesore. I know what I'd like to do with it, but it would cost me about $50, and I have given the local garden stores, along with Lowe's, enough money for the year.

Anyway, I mulched everything because my friend Lite Shoe said the sun can burn soil if it's not protected by mulch. I also re-mulched the garden that Mrs. Gwen and I worked on:

As you can see, I bought far too many petunias at the garden store yesterday, so I planted a few of them in this garden. And put some in the pots we had out there.

Now I need to find myself a truck so I can haul a bunch of stuff to the dump tomorrow.


Mike M. said…
Nice Garden. I need to do a little of the same in my backyard. I read your tweet about visitors to your mountain. If you didn't live in such a beautiful place nobody would visit. :). Im just another jealous city guy. Maybe one day I can be lucky enough to live in a place with a beautiful mountain view and endless miles of trails to run.
Waterfall said…
Hey Mike,

This is a great place to live--lots of good places to run, and the hills really give you a good workout! I wasn't complaining about the tourists--just noticing that our sleepy little town has definitely awakened for the summer!
LiteShoe said…
Hey, my favorite blogger/gardener/IPPY-Award-Winning Editress,

You did great on the sprucing!

I love the little lime spireas you chose. I have them in my front bed here. What a great color, and they light up the bed. Water during dry times, they like regular drinkie-poos.
They also produce the daintiest pink blossoms - if yours haven't bloomed yet, they will shortly. Totally charming. As your Garden Counselor/confessor, I approve 100 percent.

Much improved curb appeal! And good job on the mulch. BARE SOIL SHOULD MAKE YOU SHUDDER! ;-)

I go now to read up on the evil vine, but i imagine it's not anything that a spritz of Round-up wouldn't fix (much as I HATE to give the evil Monsanto any business...)

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