Sunday, May 4, 2008


It's Lollygag Central here at the Waterfall household today. Today's big job is to paint the sunroom Bewitching Blue. So I'm playing on the internet instead.

Yesterday I got the paint stuff, caulked like a madwoman (sunroom and bathroom), weeded, got Hubster's car washed, inspected, and oil-changed, taped up the sunroom in anticipation of the paint job, ran three miles, and did about two hours worth of tech-writing work for my job. (I'm not supposed to work at home, but I'm organizing an intranet-type website, and it was just too much fun to hold off on until Monday.)

OK. Once the room is painted ... I'm balancing the checkbook. If I have any money left in the rapidly dwindling home-improvement budget, I'm going to get some more flowers for the new garden. A garden by the front door works wonders. My little old heart leaps up every time I pull into my driveway and see all those pretty flowers.

Now I'm having strange urges to go to junk stores and find cheap stuff I can spray paint, magically transforming it into Nice Stuff That Looks Good In My House.

My house. The hope is that it won't be my house much longer. But now I want the 110-year-old farmhouse even more. My soul pines for the 110-year-old farmhouse. Alas, the Hubster wanteth it not. Woe is me. I. Woe art I. What Ev Er.

This is what it means to lollygag. I guess this is also what it means to "stay busy" while Hubster is gone. Time to go paint.

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Phoenix Rising said...

I'm not sure if you will get this but my name is Phoenix Rising and Sheltowee told me to call you (he gave me your number) when I was approaching the Smokies on my trail magic journey. I met him at Kick Off last weekend while catching up with Honey and Bear (I worked fr them for the season in 05) and he requested I give you a hug from him because he misses you so much. :) I am leaving ATL this evening, headed up your way hoping to be in the area on Tues and I would love to meet you and talk trail!
Phoenix Rising!