I Cannot Go to Work Today

I have worked my patootie off at my job ever since support season ended. I had to drag myself away from work on Friday because I hated to leave without finishing an internal documentation thing that I had started ... but there was no Friday deadline, and I couldn't justify working overtime.

And now I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to get back to that project. Today is the one day this week that I have no meetings scheduled, and today is the day that I ...

- take Hideaway to the vet (again ... poor girl)

- get a fire permit from my friendly fire station and burn a bunch of brush and old boards

- borrow a truck and take things to the dump, which is almost to the Tennessee state line (grr ...)

- jump-start Hubster's car and take it to AutoZone for a new battery while my neighbor follows me just in case the car dies en route

- ship stuff to Hubster (including cookies that I plan to make at some point today)

- make banana bread for the nice man at the local garden store who let me take all of the plants I had picked out even though I had forgotten my checkbook and said, "No problem. You can just come back and pay later on."

There are several other things I really need to do, but they're a bit TMI. I hated to e-mail my boss yesterday to tell her I couldn't come to work (I really did! I was looking foward to getting back to my project.), but today would have been a slow day at work, and it definitely won't be a slow day at home.


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