Hard to Believe, but ...

I've found a house that I like as much as ... and possibly better than ... the farmhouse I have so longed for.

I'll be looking at the house on Monday--the same day we drop our price on this one. Praying that things will work out smoothly. Being a sole homeowner and living an hour away from home while trying to sell it has really begun to wear on me.


Lesley said…
Good luck with everything! Hope it all goes smoothly!

Found your blog after seeing your post on the fdip group and adding you to my Twitter follow list. :) I live in North Carolina as well--the Raleigh-Durham area. Love the mountains, though, and try to get to the Asheville area at least once a year (more if possible).
Waterfall said…
Lesley, thanks for stopping by! Hope the weather isn't too hot over there in the flatlands!

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