Label on Empty Ziploc in Hub's Maildrop

I included a few extra ones for him to share with his friends.


Susan said…
Hi there, Waterfall! It's been ages. Too long. Yesterday I was going through some old piano music and I found the "Surprising Medley" that I wrote (including a tune I shamelessly stole from you for the Duke Nukem tragic love song). It made me laugh and miss you and wonder what's going on with you. For a while I couldn't access your blog-- all that came up at this address was some Indonesian site. Glad you're back! Hugs to you and sympathy for missing your Hubster. (I have just gone through a horrendous breakup, so I'm pretty down on the whole subject of men right now, but I must say you snagged a good one!) Take care -- jackrabbit

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