How To Attract Homebuyers, Rule #2

Rule #2 of How To Attract Homebuyers: Remove all of the ugly wallpaper and drop it on the floor. Leave it there. Potential homebuyers will feel thankful that they didn't have to do the work themselves.

My apologies for the butt shot. It was the only one Hubster took that included the wallpaper-removal process and the wallpaper gunk on the floor.

Note to Mrs. Gwen: I know exactly what you're thinking. I have an appointment Thursday at 12:30. I really do.

Note #2 to Mrs. Gwen: I know what else you're thinking, and all I can say is this: Please be aware that even we fashionistas need a break every now and then.


Anonymous said…
If there's not a tie-dye in your wardrobe it wouldn't be you....painting in it will only add to its charm!

Ms. Gwen
Jammie J. said…
Ohhh, I've been known to post a butt shot now and again. Hehe. Nothing wrong with that, we all have one.

I had no idea that was the trick. If I had known, I would have done that in an instant at my old condo. But then I would have had to put wallpaper up in the first place. Uhh, nevermind. It's late and I'm rambling.

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