Time For Some Changes

Don't you hate it when life is going along just fine, and you get into the habit of not running every day because you're tired of being away from home all the time and just want to be with your husband, and you make brownies a couple of times, and go out for pizza a couple of times, and then you look into the mirror one morning and notice that your waist is starting to hang out over the waistband of your pants? And that the reason you didn't notice it before was because you were focused on the fact that your pants were fitting a lot tighter than they used to?

Oh, me. So this is how it happens. It's time for some changes.

I had been so good. I was fighting successfully against the fact that I now have a sedentary job and two hours of commuting every day. Last fall, I was at the gym at 6:00 a.m. every day for a run or a cross-training session. I got tired of that, and when we started working shifts in January for support season, I moved my workouts to the evenings. I would eat dinner at work, then, after the hour-long commute home, I would get to the gym at 8:30 at night, and get home around 9:30 or 10:00.

Then I got the flu.

I tried to run in the weeks after the flu, but, truth be told, it took me a good three weeks to feel like myself again after the fever went away. I knew then that I wasn't going to be ready for the half-marathon I was training for, so I decided to just run four or five miles a day, four or five days a week, to stay in shape.

Some nights I had trouble running even two and a half miles. I was just so tired. I suspect the long hours and the long commute are starting to wear on me, now that I've been at it for almost a year.

Plus, the Hubster will soon be going on a five-month journey, and I want to spend every last waking moment with him before he leaves. So, when it comes to making the choice of taking two hours for a Sunday long run, or spending two precious hours with the Hubster, it's kind of a no-brainer.

But this waist-hanging-out-of-the-too-tight-jeans thing ... ugh. I have worked too hard, for too long, on this bod. It almost feels like a betrayal, only I know that I'm responsible, so I only have myself to blame.

So, it's time for some changes. No more baking brownies for work people and keeping a few "just for me." No more fatty pasta salads at lunch. No more cookies at the coffee shop in the afternoon. And thank God the Girl Scout cookies we bought are all gone. (Hmm, can anyone guess where they went?)

Yes, it's time for changes. And I'm going to go on a nice five-mile run today. It's really amazing how much motivation a bit of flab hanging over a waistband can inspire.


Joan said…
My daughter and I started baking healthier treats instead of bagged and boxed cookies, etc. Sounds great but the down side is we eat more of the homemade goodies. I can't win!
Waterfall said…
Joan: I know just what you mean. Other than Girl Scout cookies once a year, we don't generally keep bagged/boxed sweets around. I do love to bake, but ... I would hate to figure how many calories I consume in bowl-licking and mixer-licking alone (before I ever get started on the fully baked treat)! Oh well, at least we don't consume all those preservatives when we bake our own stuff.
Sherry said…
So much time to lose the weight, so little time to gain it back . . . the story of my life!
Waterfall said…
Sherry: For me it's been so much chocolate, so few sit-ups ...

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