My Hearing Test

Here's my hearing test from the other day.

The big circles are my right ear. The X's are my good ear. I think normal hearing for most frequencies is supposed to be within that highlighted 0 - 25 dB range, i.e., people with normal hearing would have X's and O's all in the highlighted band. My hearing falls off above about a 1500Hz frequency.

My left ear got a 92% in word recognition at 25 dB, which is roughly the volume of a cat's purr. My right ear got a 12% in word recognition at 65 dB, which is roughly the volume of normal conversation where people are sitting relatively close to each other.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that I'm rather right-brained and think a cat's purr is one of the most wonderful sounds on earth? Or something like that? Nah. Didn't think so.

Good thing my left ear is better than my right ear, or my love affair with George (and Bach, for that matter) would probably never have happened!

I think I'll go take an auditory soak in the B Minor Mass now. I'm in the mood to appreciate it even more than usual.


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