Bored No More!

Here's what's on my plate for this summer (so far):

Internal documentation! Loads of it!
Screen and help file standardization!
Internal training!

That "internal training" thing ... wasn't on the agenda. But I said stuff like, "I love to teach! I'm really good at lesson plans!" and next thing I knew, I'm going to meet with people who are planning internal training classes and helping with the "standardization" of the class formats. How cool is that?

Plus, I'll get to teach some classes! (I told them I love teaching, so long as it's not for 80 hours a week. Heh heh. Wry look. Heh heh.)

So, between now and Monday, I need to ...

- Make a list of general "audience analysis" and lesson-planning tips to share with new trainers within our group

- Start working on a FrameMaker template for internal documentation (I used one of FrameMaker's pre-made templates last year, but I had to because I was so new at that level of FrameMaker. But now I have a better idea of what would be required for our particular types of documents.)

- Plow through current (pre-Waterfall) standardization documentation and review the standardization ideas I wrote down last fall while editing/proofreading all of our screens and help files ... and start working on a draft standards document.

I'm so excited! I'm so happy! I'm not sitting idly by at work anymore, waiting for the phone to ring! Yee-haw!

Whew. I barely know where to start.

I'm so glad they didn't fire me. Or ask me to take over the company. They knew better than to do either.

Those nice folks I work for, I've always said they're a pret-ty smart lot.


Linda said…
Can i work there too?
Waterfall said…
Linda: I wish you could! We would have so much fun! (But I'm afraid small-town western NC might be a tad boring after San Francisco.) :)

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