The Ordinary Adventurer: Another Review

Here's another nice review of Jan Leitschuh's The Ordinary Adventurer. A snippet to whet your appetite:

"Beyond the mental aspect, Jan's description of the Vermont woods brought me right back to the Green Mountain State; a place that I truly love to hike. The paper birch, the mushrooms and the rushing streams along with the fragrant smell of Balsam Fir. I also thoroughly enjoyed Jan's treatment of the unique fellowship that forms out on the trail. It's all there! Both the outer journey, and the all important inner journey." --Jeffrey Hunter of the American Hiking Society

I must admit, I highly recommend the book myself. It will be available on soon, but you can get a signed copy from the author if you order it from her Web site.


Joan said…
I enjoyed reading it. Jan was nice enough to email me (I guess she got my email address from the paypal notification).
I read the book while on a trip and listened to her podcast and yours on the flight to and from.

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