Kicking Myself

We knew snow was expected.

So I arranged to stay with my friend Broccoli last night, so I could come to work today. I really didn't consider the concept of going home early to beat the snow, knowing I would be snowed in the next day and wouldn't be able to come to work.

Now I am stuck in my work town. It looks like I may be stuck here tonight. Meanwhile, my warm, snuggly teddy bear of a Hubster is snowed in at home with the cats and the piano and the black-eyed peas.

This is just wrong.

Talk about a bad decision.

&*$#@ work ethic.


Jammie J. said…
Maybe if you eat some black-eyed peas, you can melt the snow and toot your way home?
Ms. George said…
Sorry you were stuck, but I trust you are home safely by now? Did the snow at least look as gorgeous as ours did here in NY?
Happy New Year!

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