Idiot Days

We all have Idiot Days when we’re at new jobs, don’t we? Don’t we?

Today was an Idiot Day. No, make that a Complete Idiot Day. A full-fledged CID.

Development season has ended, and support season is upon us.

Oh, how I miss development season! Hours upon hours in my cubicle, crouched at my computer, writing and editing and testing and writing and editing and testing … such were the days.

No more. Now the whining phone will not shut up. It’s support season. The whining phone isn’t supposed to shut up. But geez … this is enough to drive an introverted writer-type batty.

Why do phones have to be so complicated? For someone with a supposedly respectable I.Q., I sure am challenged when it comes to knowing the difference between the “hold” button and “transfer” button, and which one I’m supposed to press first. And I keep sipping on my headset microphone. Or I forget I’m wearing it and try to drink coffee.

What a mess.

This introverted writer-type is definitely not in her element. And it doesn't help that I slip into a heart-pounding panic every time my phone rings.


And then there are the clients’ questions. Sure, I was on the manual-writing team. Sure, I’ve been playing with the software for six months. But you want me to actually answer questions about the software? Ummm … let me see …

(That’s my most oft-repeated phrase of the past two days: “Ummm … let me see.”)

We have a gazillion help resources so that we don’t have to make up answers off the tops of our pretty heads. But having a gazillion windows open on the computer, and trying to find information from a gazillion different places, can be almost as frustrating as trying to remember to put a caller on “hold” before transferring them.

I learned yesterday that people have actually quit working here because they couldn’t handle support season.

I’ll be all right. I can thru-hike the AT and I can run half-marathons and I can write and edit books, so I guess I can handle support season. In all truthfulness, I must admit that I forsee a time, in the not-so-distant future, when I’m actually going to think this is fun.

But for now, the steep learning curve feels a little bit like Mount Katahdin. Covered with snow. Without all the pretty views.

Better get back to work. Better dive head-first. It’s the quickest, easiest way to get the Idiot Days behind me.


Sherry said…
Oh, how I love you! You will do just fine.
Sherry said…
Addendum: Just memorize a few pat phrases, such as "Press the F1 key" and speak with a heavy foreign accent.

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