I Think Thuddy's a Girl

Stephen asked for some manly pictures of Thuddy, and I felt obliged to oblige.

Thuddy was in a mood for pictures. Here he is, smiling for the camera.

Here's a nice one of Thuddy in profile.

But then Thuddy didn't want me to take a picture of him from the back. He thought his butt looked too big.

"Hmm," I thought. "It's not a 'guy' thing to worry that one's butt is too big. That's really more of a 'girl' thing, isn't it?" Sure, consoles and spinets and uprights have reason to be bashful about their butts, but still ...

"I'm sure your butt looks fine," I told Thuddy. "Now pose." I walked around to snap the picture.

Then I realized something.

Thuddy is a girl. No self-respecting boy piano would dress this way.

BTW ... My apologies for the grainy pictures. This was the best I could do with my cell phone.


L Dog said…
Fantastic - thankyou very much for the post, it was really kind of you. I'll now have a far better mental image of what you are up to.

I'm not sure that Thuddy is female, I think he is just getting in touch with his feminine side. Its not good for a man to have his "bits" on view, especially if he is in full view in a religious location.

I'll bet he sneaks out to the local bars late at night for a bit of honky tonk without his disguise.
L Dog said…
Just a thought "Thuddy Theodore" how does she explain her name ? It sounds masculine to me :0)
Rhea said…
I wish I had my own Thuddy. Gotta save my pennies before I can buy that baby grand I've had my eye on. I've just started practicing again after taking a hiatus of ... months. Why don't you post a brief MP3 recording of you playing one of your pieces? I'll do the same once I get my fingers limber again.

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