Enjoying this Life Thing

We're working shifts at work now. Life has become very regimented. Strangely enough, I'm feeling more laid-back than I have in years. Funny how an inflexible schedule can have that effect.

This is my life:

1. Wake up, write, shower, get dressed. Quality time with Hubster.
2. Leave for work. Listen to a mix of NPR and podcasts on radio.
3. Work.
4. Eat lunch at my desk while continuing to work.
5. Work some more.
6. Scheduled "lunch" break! Practice piano.
7. Work yet some more. Eat a small supper while working.
8. Commute back home. Listen to Bach. Think. Imagine.
9. Run at the gym.
10. Head home.
11. Quality time with the Hubster
12. Read and/or write for about a half-hour.
13. Sleep. Then I start all over again the next day.

Call me crazy, but I'm seriously thinking about starting a podcast of my very own. For whatever reason, when my life is highly regimented like this, the old creative juices really begin to stir. But if I start a podcast, it won't be until this spring, when life has slowed down a bit. I promise.

For now, I'm just having fun and working hard. Life is good.

P.S. to Joan: Yes, Hubster and I watched the game. Hub was so crestfallen at the Buckeyes' performance and loss, however, that I just didn't have it in me to gloat. I didn't even wear my LSU sweatshirt the next day. It was a great game, though (for a non-baseball sport)!


Joan said…
I didn't realize you had a divided marriage!
A very ambitious agenda. Keep us updated especially about the podcast.
Regiment and routine does that. Let us think creatively. I wonder if it is because we don't have to think about all the other stuff. I must remember this.
I like this: Wake up. Write. Good order. May you meet the God of the Word in your words...

Every blessing to you and yours...

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