'Twas the Pimple at Christmas

If product development at my company were a giant pimple, it would be all white and painful right now, sitting atop a juicy red bump on the tip end of a metaphorical nose, just bursting with pressure to ... burst.

Our ship date is next week. The software goes out. Things are humming and buzzing along around the office. Gotta get this done, gotta get that done, gotta check these files, gotta double-check those, gotta test, test, test, test, test, and test some more. It's crazy. I'm enjoying it, the same way I enjoy zits.

See, there's something tantalizing about a zit that's ready to pop. Such potential! Such anticipation! Such hope!

At the same time, it hurts and it's ugly, and I'm more than ready for things to get back to normal. We all are. Every last person at this company.

Until then, it's inflamed, red-rimmed, high-pressure business as usual for everyone.

Oh, we did get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. I had a very nice Christmas with the Hubster, my immediate family, and some of my sister's in-laws. It wasn't a particularly eventful holiday this year. Sadly, I didn't feel particularly spiritual. I think I was just so tired from work. And I was kind of sad that the long hours at work had prevented me from putting very much thought into gift-buying. (Gift-baking and gift-making were definitely out of the realm of possibility this year.) I didn't go to a single Christmas party or Christmas concert because of the work hours and resulting lack of energy. I was wrapping presents the morning of December 24, and we never did get around to mailing out the half-finished Christmas cards Hubster had bought earlier this month.

But I did get to have three wonderful days off with the Hubster. And, even though I would like to have put more thought into gift-buying, I did manage to find gifts I was happy with, and that the recipients seemed happy with. And, thanks to this job that kept me so pre-occupied, I was able to buy the gifts I wanted without worrying that we would have to survive on peppermints and Boy Scout popcorn until the next paycheck.

Yesterday we spent the day at my parents' place in North Carolina, having fun, eating gumbo, exchanging presents, and watching old home videos from the 1960s and 1970s (8-mm video) through the early 1990s (Betamax camera). Much laughter ensued from those videos. The husbands got to see embarrassing footage of my sister and me from the mid-1980s. Oh, joy. Somehow I managed to have short hair AND big hair in the 80s. All at the same time. Amazing.

If I had more energy--or more time (the pressure in the metaphorical zit is ever-building)--I would write more. But writing takes so much effort (at least the way I do it), and right now I'm channeling that energy into Project Pimple at work. And I'm actually enjoying the high-pressure atmosphere--despite its relative disadvantages.

Yes, as exciting as it's been, I'm ready for development season to end. I'm ready to move on to a new season, a new phase--a new zit in the dermis of software development.

I'll let you know when this one's popped.


Sherry said…
I hope it pops big and juicy on the bathroom mirror!!!

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