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Hubster and I made an offer on the new house. The owners said, "Are you kidding us? Why don't we just donate the house to you?"

No, they didn't say that. But they did say, "Hmm ... we're not going below "X" amount. Take it or leave it."

To be honest, their price was a very fair price. So we said, "OK, we'll offer that "X" amount below which you will not go."

And they said, "OK."

Then we said, "If we can sell our house, the one with the messy, mismatched bed and the two cats, we'll be more than happy to buy your house for that price we said we'd buy it for."

So ... now begins the wait, and at a time where home sales are at an unprecedented lull and we're supposedly heading into an economic recession.

Fortunately, people are still buying in our neck of the woods.

I hope someone buys our house soon, even after they realize that the cats don't come with it.


Sherry said…
Hah, your last line was very ironic to me. If you will recall, my son's cat ALMOST stayed with the apartment in Louisiana for the new tenants! Finally after two hours in an empty room with the door shut, my son was able to manhandle him into the carrier . . .
Joan said…
In our old neighborhood, the family across the street moved without their cat. They had the next door neighbor taking care of him. Not sure why. They retrieved him a few weeks later.

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