Darwin's a Creationist NOW!!

Has something happened that I haven't heard about?

Why did I just see a truck with a sign that had this bold declaration written across the tailgate in big, red letters?

I didn't get to ask the driver, who was tooling his way down the main street of our little Bible-Belt town.

I thought Darwin was too dead to become a creationist. Or anything new, for that matter.

Or maybe the truck driver's name is Darwin, and he (Darwin the truckdriver) is indeed a creationist, and it's a kind of play on words, a kind of joke.

Any ideas, other than that I should start carrying a camera in order to post the occasional odd sight of the day?


Joan said…
I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said "I'm Well Endowed" unfortunately the car was parked and I didn't see the driver!
Sherry said…
Isn't Darwin the husband on that old comedy sitcom "Bewitched"? (If anyone gets this, you are about as old as I am.)

My favorite bumper sticker was actually on the back window of a truck. In bold letters, it said PETA with little bitty unreadable (except at close range) words below it. Contradicting the message was a picture of a deer head on one side and a trout on a line on the other. I finally got close enough to read the small print which said, "People Eating Tasty Animals".
Jammie J. said…
Who's Darwin?

HA! I kid, I kid. Sheez.

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