Random Things

I just inhaled a bag of peanut M&Ms. Good thing I'm running 28 miles this week, including a 10-miler tomorrow.

I've been listening to Dvorak lately.

I forced myself to practice Liszt at lunch. How did I do this? Against my will, I left all of the Bach music at my desk and brought only the Liszt. I love the Liszt, but I'm so ready to move on to something new.

I write as if I've been practicing all along. Truth is, I've practiced slightly more than I've blogged in the past month. Work is crazy and I'm putting in lots of hours ... but life is good because all this overtime is going to help fund my Christmas shopping and Hubster's hike.

What? I didn't tell you about Hubster's hike? He'll be thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. I'll visit him and hike with him, but mostly I'll be writing and editing stuff in order to fund the house-note payments.

I'm able to check personal e-mails maybe twice a week, and usually at 8 p.m., which is my bedtime, so I haven't written back to anyone in ages.

What else, what else ...

Not a whole lot. Just wanted a short break from the grindstone. Back to work for me!


Sherry said…
I thought maybe you were going to sleep all spring and summer . . .
Jammie J. said…
I have been SO bad this week! Chocolate cake. My birthday cake. It's only my birthday once a year,I tell myself. Ohhhhh was it ever good and did I ever feel guilty. (sigh)

I'm glad to see you around, as always. Thanks for listening to my confession.
Joan said…
I read this entry a few days ago then had M&M's.
I hope you will post some about your husband's hike this summer.

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