"Speaking of Faith" on Autism

On the way home from work tonight, I listened to "Being Autistic, Being Human," the Speaking of Faith podcast where Krista Tippett talks with Paul Collins and Jennifer Elder, parents of an autistic boy named Morgan. If you are at all interested in autism, or in Asperger's syndrome (higher functioning than autism), the show is worth a download.

My half-sister Rebecca is autistic, so I was of course interested in the show. One thing they said was that autistic characteristics seem to be passed through genes, only some people are farther to the edge of the spectrum than others. I've definitely identified with certain of Rebecca's personality traits, like the unusually good memory for details, and the ability to focus so intently on something that the world could end and I wouldn't know it.

The first time I ever learned anything about autism was in the seventh grade, when I read One Child, by Torey Hayden. I vividly remember reading that book--the pity I felt, as well as the horror, the fascination, and the sadness.

The "Speaking of Faith" interview is a good listen. You can download it here.


Stacey said…
Oh my gosh! One Child was like my favorite book ever. A couple of years ago I looked up her other books and read all of them. How cool!

Ace is displaying some signs of autism, which occurs quite a bit more in preemies than in full term babies. I'm a little concerned, but not too much. I have a friend with three children, two of whom are autistic, and one of whom is too young to tell.
Maddy said…
I listened to that podcast too on the recommendation of a friend of mine. I'd highly recommend it too.
Best wishes
Dana Huff said…
Hi Nina. Thanks for the information. My son has autism, and so does his aunt (my husband's sister).

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